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Projecting Our Anti-Blackness Onto Blue Ivy



"Some people are really, really disappointed that Blue Ivy looks Black.

The people who wanted Blue Ivy to be their racially ambiguous dream-child have found themselves in the midst of a rude awakening. It appears that they forgot, or perhaps never cared to realize, that Blue Ivy is the child of two Black parents, and that their hopes and dreams of her being the beige child they could obsess over, and project their anti-Blackness onto, have been deferred. For as Blue Ivy grows and develops into the beautiful child that she is, her features have not stayed in the realm of Whiteness that so many of us are comfortable with when it comes to finding Black to be beautiful. Her hair is not the wavy texture that they hoped for. Her nose is not the thin one they hoped for. Her skin is not the beige, off-white, lemon color that they hoped for. Blue Ivy is a Black child with full lips, hair that grows defiantly towards the sky, and skin that is much more chocolate than vanilla.”


#siennasista #crafting #crochet #crocheting #pinkribbon #scarf #breastcancerawareness #October #100happydays #day24 I’m learning a new pattern!!! It’s really easy! And so pretty! S/o to my mother @maryalice1948 , a survivor almost 19 years! Pattern can be found at DIY Crochet Pink Awareness Ribbon Scarf Prayer Sh…:
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